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One Day Show Schedule

AHAA 1 Day Qualifying Show

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

Produced By The Arabian Horse Association of Arizona

WestWorld 16601 N Pima Road, Scottsdale, AZ

Judge: Greg Gallun

 Adding TBA Classes

TBA classes can either be Arabian or HA/AA with the exception of classes that can be combined. Classes can be selected from any AHA class in these divisions: Country English, Equitation, English, Halter, Hunter, Ladies Side Saddle, Native Costume, Reining, Show Hack, Western, Trail (if sponsored) and Walk-Trot (See for a list)

To activate a TBA class, exhibitor must:

1)   Select AHA eligible class

2)   Select the TBA Class # in the schedule

3)  Email AHAA office at to schedule the class. 

4)   Once class has been added to schedule, enter and pay for the class on the official entry form.

TBA classes will be first come first serve and once all spots have been filled no other spots will be available. 


AHA_Qualifying_Show_Premium_& Entry Form June_2018_6_18_2018.pdf