CAVALIA ODYSSEO features 10 magnificant Arabian horses
in exquisite demonstrations of liberty work.



Throughout history, the Arab horse has been revered and valued. The Arab’s proud, graceful nature has inspired writers to pronounce “thou shalt fly without wings and conquer without swords”.  History repeats itself. Prepare for your heart and imagination to be conquered once again by the magnificent Arabians in the new version of the theatrical production Cavalia Odysseo.

The awe-inspiring stage production gallops into Scottsdale under its massive White Big Top with a spectacular display of showmanship, horsemanship, and beauty, featuring Arabians as premiere equine stars of this never-before-seen version of Cavalia Odysseo that will dazzle you.  Last in Scottsdale five years ago, Cavalia Odysseo returns with an even bigger theatrical experience that will mesmerize audiences of all ages. More magical, grandiose and spectacular than before, Cavalia Odysseo will take your breath away. The production now features more magnificent horses (70) of 12 different breeds and more talented artists (50) that include riders, acrobats, dancers, aerialists, stilt walkers, and musicians. 

The $30 million breathtaking production has grown considerably in size and scope over the last few years without losing its soul. The stage itself is nearly twice its original size, enabling larger-scale and even more cutting-edge performances. For breathtaking perspectives, the new scenic space includes a full 3-story high mountain built with 10,000 tons of earth.  You really don’t need to go to Vegas to see a Vegas show while Cavalia Odysseo is in town.

The 70 horses in the performance represent 12 different breeds from around the world.  The equine performers include the Appaloosa, Arabian, Canadian Horse, Warmblood, Lusitano, Paint Horse, Percheron Hanoverian Cross, Quarter Horse, Selle Français, Thoroughbred, Spanish Purebred (P.R.E.) and Warlander. All the horses are male, either stallions or geldings.

Cavalia Odysseo has 15 Arabians on tour. Ten perform on stage and five are in training.  The beautiful Arabians play leading roles in this spectacular theater that combines stage arts and equestrian art, skill, and beauty.  The Arabians in the production are lively, curious, and very intelligent, each displaying an individual character.  It is the Arabians that wow the audience with the liberty work on stage.